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Order your unique, personalized art

I can mail it anywhere in the world or deliver it with a link for a digital download

Are you having a tough time trying to think of a gift that's just right for someone?  Do you have someone who is always hard to buy for?  Well you're in the right place to get them something that's personal, one of a kind and special! 


A caricature is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.  

Ordering a caricature is an interesting endeavor!  Please consider the following when ordering.


1.  Check out the artists' websites and/or social media sites.  How do they interact with customers and followers?  Is their art their own?  Some (like some street artists in New York) display other artists' work, sometimes in completely different styles, but the end result isn't what they deliver to you!


2.  My caricatures have different categories.  Do you want a tame, flattering caricature?  Do you want me to have at it and go crazy?  All work, whether on paper or on my iPad, is drawn by me and is original!


3.   A lot of  'caricature' artists trace the photos you send and add a generic cartoon body.  Does the caricature drawing look exactly like the picture reference? 

Getting a caricature is pretty simple!

  • Complete the order form and send your 50% deposit

  • Send photos by email or download link and tell me some of the details you'd like included! 

That's it!


An example of a traditional caricature


An example of caricature misrepresentation.  There are caricatures here from many different artists and styles

An example of a digital commission

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